Personal and Commercial Licenses (Subscription)

Using a subscription, you choose the type of license at the time of purchase of the subscription (as opposed to direct purchases that allow you to choose the type of license).

Therefore, you should understand in advance for what purposes you plan to use the downloaded products (of course, you can always change the license type for subscription).

Personal License

Subscription and all downloaded items you plan to use for personal use (your video blog, creating a game, and others) without receiving the final benefit due to the purchased product.

Indirect benefits are not taken into account (raising funds to create something):

Example: you bought a presentation template and use it to raise funds for your video game, in which case a personal license will suit you because the benefit is not directly related to the product.

However, if you work in a team on this product (changing the template), then a personal license will no longer suit you.

Commercial License

A subscription in which you work in a team /studio and can get the ultimate benefit from the purchased product (use elements in a video game for sale, presentations for a commercial exhibition, etc.).