Error while loading the Motion Graphics template (MOGRT)

If you see the following error message when loading the MOGRT element:

Motion Graphics template is corrupt or Unknown error while loading the Motion Graphics template, then this article is for you.

It seems that Premiere Pro might have a problem with deeply nested folders or too long folder names.

This may occur if you open a project that has already been re-saved many times (most often it is autosave).

Example: C:\My Projects\Folder1\Folder....\FolderN\Auto Save\Auto Save\Folder\

The issue is related to operating system limits on the total length of a file path.

Windows might be setup in a way to allow only certain length and then a program might fail in retrieving the file.

Solution 1

By default all graphic files are copied next to your project file.

If your project file is nested too deep in the folder structure Premiere Pro might be unable to reach for the imported file and reports it as corrupted. 

Try to copy your project a few folders above the current folder it is in. Or you may shorten some folder names if they are too long.

Solution 2

Select tab File > Project Settings -> Scratch Disks.

Then make sure the "Motion Graphics Template Media" path is set to "Same as Project".

And make sure your projects are not too deeply nested in folder structure as explained in Solution 1

If this does not help in any way, please contact the support service.