Packages downloaded from Envato Elements

If you downloaded a package from Envato Elements, you will not be able to activate it.


Envato Elements does not issue activation codes when downloading.


  • To get an activation code - buy the same package from the VideoHive market (part of the Envato marketplace).
  • Use the templates without AtomX extension (use templates in folder Atom After Effects or Atom Premiere Pro - the folder name is associated with the project application).

The author of this package should have provided a link to the same project with VideoHive, if he did not specify it, then contact the author of the package.


  • You can use the purchased templates without AtomX extension, or buy same the package to use with AtomX extension.
  • We are not the authors of packages, we only provide support for the AtomX extension.
  • We are not responsible for the sites where you download packages (but you can contact the package authors for details).