Activation Error Codes and Solutions

This article is worth reading only if you already have a purchase code, and you get an error when activating it.  

Error codes and solutions

  • Unable to load server response! - The error is on the server side, try again in 5-10 minutes, or I will write to support.
  • Fix connection and try again! - Your internet is disconnected or your firewall/antivirus is blocking the application.
  • Too long no response, try later - The server is overloaded. Try again in 5-10 minutes, or I will write to support.
  • Validity of the code has expired! - Your activation code is outdated. 1) If it was a personal activation code, then the number of activations has ended. 2) If the code was received during the purchase, then the purchase was too long ago (more than 6 months).Contact the author of the package to get a new activation code
  • Invalid purchase code! - Invalid purchase code or the code is deactivated for reasons: 1) Have you used a package refund (buy again to get the correct code). 2) The package was purchased more than 6 months ago. 3) There is no such code. 4) Typo (make sure you don't allow extra spaces or other characters).If nothing helps, contact support.
  • Failed to query API! - Unknown server error. Try again in 5-10 minutes, or I will write to support.
  • Write to support and try again later - Activation code verification error. Contact support.
  • Code is valid, but for other package - This code exists, but it is for activating another package. Find the package for the current one and try again.
  • Server failure, write in support - Problems with the database on the server. Try it later or contact support.
  • This package is not identified on server - The package has not yet been activated on the server side.It can be activated when it is approved by the administrator.If you have received such a package, contact support.
  • This purchase code was banned - The purchase code was blocked by the author/administrator/automatic system. Reasons: 1) A lot of activations from different IP addresses (piracy). 2) The customer returned the product and the code was blocked. 3) Yours was mistakenly blocked.Write to the author of the package to understand the situation.
  • This package is disabled or not activated - The author's package has been blocked/or has not yet been activated on the server side. Write to support for details.
  • You can no longer install this package - The package/code/author has been blocked or is no longer active. Write to support for details.


If the error when activating packages differs from the specified ones, or the solutions do not help, please contact support.