Refund an Item

You can request a refund in the following cases:

  • The product was purchased less than a month ago
  • The product does not match the description at the time of purchase (if possible provide a screenshot of the description at the time of purchase, in order to avoid changes in the description of the author of the product)
  • The product has errors that do not allow you to use it

In case of comparison with the list above, you can request a full refund for this product. 

Keep in mind that the purchase invoice will be canceled (purchase codes, if any, will also be canceled).  

Technical Support

If you are satisfied with the product but found out some errors with it, then you can request technical support from the author of the product (it is possible within six months from the beginning of the purchase).

Refund Request

To receive a refund, contact customer support and specify the following:

  1. Product link
  2. The reason for the refund
  3. Your nickname on the site (or link to profile)