Discount coupons

You can get a discount coupon for any product(s) of a specific author / system.

There are coupons of the system and author coupons:

Author's coupons: The coupon provided by the author can be used for all his products, or only for a certain product - this is indicated by the author himself when creating the coupon.

System coupons: Coupons issued by the administration can be used for all products, or specific and are issued in different situations (discounts for students, promotional campaigns, ...)

Where can I get coupons?

You can get a coupon directly from the author / administration or through intermediaries (bloggers/ services) during promotions. Coupons are not issued just like that.

Coupons can often be found on the website, for example in author profiles.

How to use the coupon?

The coupon can be applied in the shopping cart immediately before purchase.

Enter the coupon code and click Apply.

If all conditions are met (the code is associated with the products added to the cart and is available for use) -  then it will be successfully applied.

The screenshot above shows that it applied only to one product. This is due to the fact that these are products of different authors, and our coupon is the author's, and therefore can only be applied to the author's goods (all or specific - depends on the coupon).

The coupon also affects the choice of license type - the discount will be taken into account for them as well.

Different coupons can be applied for different products, or a single coupon if it meets the conditions specified during creation.

Types of Discounts

There are 3 types of discounts in total:

  1. Value - Reduction of the price by the amount (ex: a coupon gives a discount on a certain price in dollars).
  2. Percent - Percentage reduction in price (ex: the coupon gives a percentage discount - applied in the example above).
  3. Fixed - The price is fixed in a certain range for all types of licenses (ex: the coupon, instead of reducing the price, sets its own price for the product regardless of the type of license).


  • Usually, the coupon cannot be applied to products that are already at a discount (however, the author of the coupon can make this possible and then the discounts are summed up).
  • The coupon cannot be applied during the license upgrade.
  • If the validity period of the coupon (number of activations, the specified time, or other conditions) has expired, it will be automatically removed from the shopping cart if you did not have time to use it and complete the purchase.
  • The coupon can give a discount of 100% of the product price, in which case the product will be available for free.